The Art of



I am Sergio Hualde, founder and director of “Ash World Studios”. I work as an art director and digital sculptor making statues for our company or private commissions that ask for it. I have worked a lot of years with multiple companies and people, making videogame characters, miniatures, collectible statues, including other jobs like making props for video games, buildings for architecture or advertisement elements.

This experience made me want to create my own company based on my products. I want to share my own histories with my own characters. We will have products related to this new Superheroes story throughout the year exclusively on this website, as well as other different products.

In addition, I have been a teacher for 8 years. I have always liked sharing my knowledge to those in need. It is for that reason that apart from comics and statues, I wanted to create a specific section on this website in order to upload different video tutorials for those who want to learn.